The chan_cg project aims to develop a channel driver for CyberGenie hardware to enable its use with the Asterisk PBX software.


There has not yet been a release. However, all files are available through SourceForge Subversion ( Anonymous CVS (


The channel driver should work for basic functionality with Asterisk, except that there is no audio transfer. Because audio is the main portion of telephony, this makse it rather worthless. However, the complexity in getting this far included figuring out the architecture and functionality of an Asterisk channel driver, which proved more complex and difficult than I had hoped. I aim to get audio working soon. What that translates to in real time, I have no idea.

I've tested placing calls to and from the handsets. They work, although I'm currently using the handsets to generate their own tones (dial, busy, ringing, congestion) which do not sound like normal tones. Calls to and from the PSTN lines should also work, but I have no means of testing (without taking out my home phone line), so have not. If anyone thries this, please let me know what you find.


This is some (most?) of what I'd like to get done, and somewhat in order:



I can be contacted via email at chrisost at Logo